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Kanesh (Kultepe) – Kayseri


An open air museum where you can see  one of the earliest settlements of the world dating back to Late Catholitich age ( 3000-2500 B.C ) , Bronze age , Hittite and Phrygian civilizations.


Karum area which covers the Kanesh and Kultepe was the most important trade center of Anatolia , Asyrian Trade colonnies and Karum was the Central part of the Kannis Kingdom.


Architectural  remains of workshops , Great religious and official buildings and  Shops which are revealed as a resulkt of excavations are exhibited as an open air museum.


How to go Kanesh (Kultepe ) ?


It is located 5km to northeast of  Kayseri city center . Situated at the foot of Mt. Erciyes ,in  the middle of a fertile land where two  highways from Malatya and Sivas meets.



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