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Cash Machines ( ATMs) in Turkey

Atms ( Automated Teller Machines ) can be easily  seen and found in any part of Turkey even in the small towns. The Banking is very much improved and competitive in Turkey. As well as many big, reliable  Turkish banks  such as Isbank, Garanti Bank, Akbank, Ziraat Bank, Yapi Kredi Bank etc. Global banks such as Citibank, American Express,HSBC, BNP Paribas etc.  are also operated and found  in Turkey.

Atms generally located just by the Banks and in central, lively areas such as shopping malls, Mainstreets, hospitals  and  sometimes in the big  Hotels.

Atms in Turkey most commonly accepts Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards.  Every cash machine in Turkey has the English language option to make them easily used by Foreigners.  Unlike the Atms in America the Turkish Atms Keypads only have numbers written on them. So if you have letters in your password you need to check from your phone which number symbolizes which letter.

Transaction fees  are up to the banks in Turkey however in general service charges change between 5 to 10 %.

It is recommended  to use Atms during the work days and work times ( Mon-Friday/ 09:00-17:00) Thus  just in case of anything wrong  you can consult to someone responsible  from the Bank.

If your card snatched by cash machine and if there is no way  of help immediately contact to your banks customer services and cancel your card.

Note, some where safe, your card number  details, expiry date, cvvcode.  

Try to find a reliable local who can help you to show how to withdraw Money from the Atms.

Always Back up your cards with cash and travellers cheques.



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Citibank atms in istanbul
there is one you will easily find upon exit of customs in istanbul atayurk airport and there are many more ciibank atms in istanbul esp. located in central points as taksim,nisantasi, besiktas etc..