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Credit Cards in Turkey

Credit Cards are the most popular way of payment in Turkey. Turkish people are very dependent to credit cards and they love using the credit cards. Banks have a very big impact on increasing the usage of credit cards with the attractive promotions and gifts they offer.

The biggest advantage of using a credit card in Turkey is the chance of paying the totall amount in fixed number of payments each month. Taksit (instalment credits) allows you to pay the price of a product in small amounts and in several months without any extra interest. For example; if you buy a jacket for 120 $ you can have  a chance to pay the price in 12 months by paying only 12 $ each month.

Visa and Master cards are the most preferred and used credit cards in Turkey. American express is also accepted in many luxurious hotels and restaurants.

Credit cards almost can be used in any place in Turkey. Credit cards areaccepted in restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, fuel stations, boutiques, shops,movie centers, mobile phone sellers etc.

It is recommended to make bargain over credit cards ( after mentioning credit card payment)  in shops opened for bargaining where usually no price labels and electronic systems used.

Be carefull when using your credit card in Turkey as the credit card scamis one of the leading fraud type in Turkey. To prevent being copied your credit card details it is recommended to cover some important details such as cvv code and expiry date with a sticker and watch the seller when using the credit card.


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