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Toll Roads in Turkey

Toll roads are the alternative , faster, safer and more comfortable routes to the common roads in Turkey.

Toll roads are very advantegous ways of reaching the wanted destination in much more shorter times. These roads shorten the distance from one location to another in Turkey.

Toll roads are known as “Otoyol” in Turkey. The most important thing the drivers have to know about the toll roads and toll bridges in Turkey is that the payment methods; Cash Payments are not accepted at tool booths in Turkey!

Tolls can be paid only with special pre paid toll cards (KGS) or Tollt ransponders ( OGS).

Toll cards can be bought at toll booths and Money to cards can be loaded both in toll booths and banks.

If you are living inT urkey and driving intercities it is recommended to use OGS system which allows you to have 20% discount from every each pass.

You need to apply theTurkish banks to use OGS system. When the banks accepted your application they will give you a device ( transponder, receiver) to put it on your car which will allow you to pass the toll booths without any stop. Each pass with OGS will automatically charged to your account that you can pay later on.

Tolls and fees are varied according to size of the vehicles and the distance of the road.

Here is the list of Toll roads and Bridges in Turkey;

1- Istanbul Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

2- Izmir – Cesme highway

3- Izmir– Aydin highway

4- Adana Dogu  – Sanliurfa

5- Nigde– Mersin – Adana Bati

6- European Toll Road ( Mahmut Bey – Edirne )


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