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Ravanda Castle


Located 24 km far from Kilis city center in the Polateli district. There is no certain evidence about the building time and structure because of lacking excavations in the fortress however it is believed that the the citadel was built and used by Hittites.


The written documents about the castle dates back to 11th century to the Crusades. Castle was so populer during the crusades and it has been used as a headquarter untill  16th century by many civilizations who dominated the area.  After 1516 Ottomans had started to use the Castle.


According to islamic sources it is called as “er-Ravendan” and in christian sources “Ravendel / Ravandal / Ravenel” and “Aréventen” in Armenians.


Especially in 7th century castle had become a very important military headquarter in the fights against Byzantines


Ravanda  castle was built on a very steep high conical hill,  which has a  very wide viewing angle. Slopes of the hill are so steep even to make impossible climbing to the top.


All structures belonging the fortress located on the plains of the peak and the area were surrounded with defending walls.  Defense walls , bastions , cistern and a very big structures are the main architectural values which survived untill today.




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