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Marrying With A Turkish Man

Marriage with a Turkish man as a foreigner is one of the most discussed issue while there are many bad samples lived and occured in past even though there are also good samples available.

Love affairs in general between a Turkish man and foreigners ( mostly English, American,German, Dutch and Russian women) are very complicated and difficult because of many obstacles such as  distance, culture, language, religion, life style, economical differences etc. however thousands of couples who believe they can bear anything for their love keep getting married every each year.

The meetings and falling in love with Turkish men, generally and naturally happens in touristic areas where thousands of foreigners come just for holidays. Besides, meeting on social websites and internet chatting is also another common way.

The affairs between a foreigner woman and Turkish man in general are not more than a temporary, summer love but sometimes the insisting and convincing attitudes of some bad aimed guys make the foreigner women to believe their love and work on to keep the relations longer untill the marriage. During the process of trying to be together, women commonly keep sending Money to the Turkish men who is “always in bad condition or trouble” to be able to cover the expenses such as;phone bills, visa fees, flight tickets etc.

The biggest and most encountered problem with marrying a Turkish man or having a relationship  is being swindled in many aspects. The general report and complaint from the divorced and broked up foreigner women is that they are fooled, deceived and exploited by Turkish men for their Money and to aim of moving to their country.

Even Many marriages and relations which are sincere, innocent and devoid of malice between Turkish man and foreigner woman are also finished with divorce and break ups due to the  cultural, religious, lingual,racial problems.

In spite of every bad, sad and wrong marriages and relations there are still many happy  married couples who achieved the live together and overcome all obstacles.

My recommendation for the Foreigner women who think to marry with a Turkish man is to be hundred percent be sure about their feelings, think more logically , not rush, get to know more about his life, relatives and friends and try to get advises from the people who are already married or had a relationship.

* This article at first glance  looks so negative about the Turkish Men though there is no intention of vilifying as i am also aTurkish man. Eventually the final decision about marriage will be given by couples.


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older girl collector
I knew a young Turkish man on dating on line. he's polite though, firstly I don't believe him if he loves me as I'm older than him. but he make me sure. when I reply his loves n join his facebook. It seems that he has many girl friends from young and older with him more 20 years. my heart beats fast. I just clarify him that he loves me more than me but he adds more girl friends. n I can't bear my anger till he isn't active hi sites. actually, I still love him if he can change his behaviour.

8 Ocak Salı, 2013
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Christina tilley
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Turkish Boyfriend !!
No waayyy !!

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