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Stray Dogs and Cats in  Turkey

Stray animals which wandering on the streets can be seen all around Turkey  are very ordinary for the Turkish people and Extra ordinary for tourists. They are in majority are  docile dogs and cats who  only aim to find something to eat and a warm place to be sheltered.

Stray dogs and cats looked after and fed by the volunteers, animal lovers and official corporations.

Animal shelters in Turkey mostly operated and supervised by the local municipalities and sometimes by the volunteers supported by the animal lovers.

Animal shelters workers collect the aggressive, dangerous, diseased, needy  stray dogs and cats upon the notice of people. After collecting they are checked up by the veterinary and looked after by the employees and tried to given the people who wants to own a pet or after they are rehabilitated and checked they are released back to the streets with the tag on their ears which shows and means they are checked and not dangerous. So if you see a stray dog on the streets with a label on ear do not afraid or flee away.

The stray dogs and cats in Turkey are very much used to live, with traffic, people on streets.So you can anytime see a cat just next to you  while eating pide, kebab or seafood in the restaurant by the Street or a dog walking next to you among the crowd.

A Stray dog inTurkey is called as “Sokak Kopegi” ( literally means Street Dog) and cat called ; “Sokak kedisi” ( street cat )


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