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Where is Agri

Agri  province is located on the Eastern Anatolia region with an altitude of 1640 m above sea level and city takes a part on the upper Murat Van plateau.

Agri has a border to Iran, located on the important roads which connecting the Iran Country to  Anatolia and Turkey. Mus and Erzurum on the west, Kars on the north, van and Bitlis on the south and Igdir cities on the north east are the neighbour cities to Agri.

The Surface area of the Agri is 11.376 square kilometers and Territory composed of 46% mountains, 29% the plains, 18% plateaus, 7%  pastures.

The districts of Agri city are ; Center of Agri, Eleskirt, patnos, Tutak, Hamur, Taslicay, Diyadin, Dogubeyazit.


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