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 Kastamonu Ilgaz Mountain National Park

 Ilgaz Mountain National Park is located at a distance 40 km from the provincial center of Kastamonu. is in a volcanic terrain.

The land is usually formed by  schists and volcanic rocks . The Northern  fault line which is the longest and most dynamic fracture line of Anatolia passes through the southern foothills of the Mount Ilgaz.

Within the National Park there are  valleys, ridges and peaks in different characteristics. This area which has a Geomorphological structure is covered with a vegetation formed of  red pines, fir trees. A variety of  very rare flower species in the world are also raised in the National Park. There are animals such as roe deer, wild boars, wolves, bears, foxes live in  the park  with flowing rivers and rich vegetations .

Fishing  ponds and trout farms can be visited in the Karasu river located in the Baldiran valley with in the borders of national park.

National Park is also very convenient for winter sports.  An  800 m. Long ski slope and 1500 m long s two chair lifts and telex facilities available in the Ilgaz winter sports tourism center.


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