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 Castle of Kastamonu

Castle located on a rocky ridge with a height of 112 m to the southwest of Kastamonu city and it was built in the late XII. Century during the period of Byzantine emperor Komnenos.

Unfortunately the outside walls of the castle which surrounds the city down to the valley has not survived untill today . Only a tower belonging to defending walls of the castle still standing today. Citadel was built during the Byzantine period and it was restored by Ottomans  however it was estensively damaged by earthquake occured in 1943.

Castle was built with a rectangular plan. Length is 115m and width of the castle is 30-50 m.  Castle was fortified with 15 large bastions and towers.  During the construction , stone, lime and wood beams were used . Vaults and arches were made of cut stones. First and second gates of the castle have low arches.

Castle can be reached by climbing from a steep path in Norteast side after reaching the entrance gate you will see another gate 50 m. To the north . The route between two gates are protected by bastions. There are ruins of the citadel and castle can be seen after gettin to the area.


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