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Where is Rize ?

Rize, located  in the  eastern black Sea part of Black Sea region, has the highest and roughest land in the region. The  highest rainfall rate in Turkey is in the Rize province make the city appropriate for the tea production. Almost ninety percent of Tea consumed in Turkey is produced in Rize. Rize surrounded with Trabzon in the west, Artvin in the east, Bayburt in the southwest and Erzurum in the south.

The Surface area of the Rize is 3.920 square kilometers and population of the city is approximately 325.000 people.

The districts of  Rize city are; Derepazari, iyidere, kalkandere, ikizdere, guneysu, Cayeli, Camlihemsin, hemsin, Pazar, Ardesen, Findikli. Rize center.


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