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Ali Nazik Kebab


5 pieces Aubergines

500 gr Ground meat

2 Tablespoon Margarine or Butter

1 kg Yoghurt

6 cloves Garlic

Salt, BlackPepper, red pepper flakes


* Grill the Aubergines, untill evenly cooked with charred skin and Peel the skins of aubergines

* Chop the Aubergines finely and Smash all with fork

* Melt Margarine ( butter) in saucepan then add the minced meat, Salt, Black pepper, red pepper flakes and stir all until the meat is cooked well. ( Chopped onion and green pepper can be added)

* Take the smashed Aubergines in a large pot and heat over a low fire

* Smash the garlics and add into pot together with yoghurt, pour some water over and blend all slowly untill the mixture becomes warm enough.

* Carry the aubergine and yoghurt mixture to a large service plate then put the cooked ground meat over it.

* Decorate the plate with grilled tomatoes, Green peppers, bread, parsley or mint leaves.

Bon appetit!


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