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Simit Kebab ( Simit Kebabi) / 4 Servings - 40 minutes


1 Cup of Fine Ground Bulgur wheat ( a kind of Crack wheat )

450 g.  minced lamb meat

50 g pistachio

Salt and Black Pepper


* Soak the fine ground bulgur in warm water for 15 minutes untill it is well swollen

* If there is much water left after 15 minutes filter the extra water

* Smash the pistachio and Add it into swollen bulgur together with minced meat, salt and Black pepper

* Knead all of them untill all the ingredients finely harmonized and mixed.

* From the mixture; pick pieces in size of Wallnuts.

* Roll the pieces in your hands and give each a shape of a roll

* Put each roll to a skewer and grill both sides finely

* Simit kebab is ready, Serve it together with grilled pepper, tomato and lavaş ( Tortilla)

Bon appetit!

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