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Haydari is a very easy to prepare and very popular side dish, mostly preferredwhile drinking raki.

Ingredients  (4 Servings) – 20 minutes

1 cup of Strained Yoghurt

3 tablespoons grated White cheese

3 cloves of garlic

Dried mint or Fresh finely chopped mint (optional)

1 coffee cup of oil

Cumin, red pepper to sprinkle on, salt

Italian pepper (optional)

Directions / How to make Haydari ?

* Peel and smash the garlics

* Mix together, smashed garlics, grated White cheese, yoghurt, mint,oil,cumin and salt

*  According to your wish you can add chopped Italian peppers.

* Haydari is ready!

* Sprinkle red pepper flaxes or put dills onthe Haydari before serving.


Bon appetit!


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