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Purslane Salad ( Semizotu Salad )

Ingredients  (4 Servings) – 20 minutes

200 g Purslane

2-3 fresh mint

2 cloves garlic

2 pieces sprin gonion

1-2 pieces dill

Half tea glasso f olive oil

½ cup of yoghurt

1 dessertspoon dried mint


To decorate

Toasted bread

Pitted green olives

Crushed wallnut

Directions / How to make purslane salad ?

* Clean and wash the purslanes together with other vegetables

* Chopped the purslanes with 1 cm intervals

*  Chop the garlics, spring onions, dills, mints and add to chopped purslanes

* In a separate bowl, stir up and whisk theyoghurt, olive oil, dried mints.

* add the yoghurt mixture to other chopped purslanes and vegetables and stir up all.

* Purslane Salad is ready !

* Before serving ; toast a bread in a frypan with oil.

* Chop the toasted bread in cube shapes,and slice the pitted olives.

* Decorate the purslane salad with chopped breads, pitted olives and crushed wallnuts.

Bon appetit!

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