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Hamsi Tava ( Fried Anchovies )

Ingredients  (4 Servings) – 30 minutes

1 kg Fresh Anchovy

1 cup of Maize flour ( corn flour )


1 tea cup Sun flower oil

Directions / How to cook Fried Anchovies ( Hamsi Tava ) ?

* Break off the heads of anchovies and remove the guts but not the bones with your fingers.

* Put the cleaned anchovies in a colander and rinse them with plenty of water untill all the blood comes away.

*  Leave them in colander untill all the water drained.

* Pour and spread  the flour in a large plate

* Roll, each anchovy one by one in the cornf lour and shake off  afterwards to discard extra flour on anchovy

*Pour the oil to the fry pan and heat in ona medium fire

* When the oil is heated turn off the fire and place the floured anchovies side by side in to frypan.

* Turn on the fire again, when the one side of anchovies are fried; put a large plate over the frypan and turn upside down alltogether ( You can invert the anchovies one by one with a fork as well )

* Put the not fried part of anchovies to the pan again and fry the other sides.

* When all the anchovies are cooked in both sides, remove them from the pan over a paper towel, wait untill the extra oil is soaked by the paper towels.

* Take them to the serving plate and decorate the plate with lemon, arugula, or any salad you wish.

Bon appetit!

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