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 Eshab-i-Kehf Mosque

A group of buildings built in the 13th century located in a high hill 8 km far from Afsin district and 146 km from Kahramanmaras city.  Complex composed of a Caravanserai , ribat and a small building. The structure was renovated and restored in recent years.

A Byzantine church converted into a mosque in front of Eshab-i Kehf cave .  A three sectioned narthex covered with  a small dome together with two vaults are situated in Easternside of the Mosque.  Although the structure has changed as a result of repairs it still complies with the tradition of the Seljuk Ulu Mosques.

 Ribat is  a two-storey structure carved into rocks.  The lower floor is made of stone  and upper part made of  brick.

The entrance gate decorated with muqarnas style has a magnificent view .

Structure is very important in view of religious tourism. Many muslim people from all around Turkey are coming to visit the  Eshab-i-Kehf  mosque complex.



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