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Fried Mussels ( Midye Tava )

Ingredients  (2 Servings) – 25 minutes

½ kg unwrapped, cleaned mussels

1 cup of flour

1 cup oil

2 eggs

1 bottle of beer


Directions / How to cook Fried Mussels ( Midye Tava ) ?

* put flour in a large bowl and create abig hole in the middle of flour with your hands

* pour 1 cup of beer and add 2 egg yolks tothe hole and stir the ingredients slowly untill all ingredients blended very well.

*  Stir the White part of the eggs with some salt  in another bowl by a whisk untill they are foamed

* Add the puffy, foamed White egg parts to the beer flour mixture and stir all

* Put some flour to a large plate

* pour one cup of oil to a fry pan and heat it over a high fire

* when the oil is heated, dip the mussels one by one first to flour  then the beer mixtured bowl and put them to the heated oil

* When the mussels are fried; use a spotted spoon to filter extra oil and take them to the serving plate

* You can also thread the fried mussels to a skewer before serving

* fried mussels ( midye Tava ) is ready! Decorate the plate with sliced lemon and Tarator Sauce

Bon appetit!

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10 Ocak Perşembe, 2013
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Tankut Ozer
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Beer and mussels
fried mussels and stuffed mussels with rice are the best appetizers while drinking a beer. i can eat 100 fried mussels at once with several beers. mussel&beer= love of stomach