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Shoe Polishers in Turkey

Shoe polishers are the people who cleans, polishes, shines and wipes the shoes in exchange for Money.

Shoe polishers are very common in Turkey. They usually wander around with a shoe shine box (Ayakkabaci sandigi ) and look for the people with dirty, dusty leather shoes.

Shoe polishing mostly made by youngsters and sometimes by adults who are deprived of social rights and insurances.

Shoe polishers generally heap together in very crowded areas, such as seasides, touristic areas, shopping avenues, markets etc. however there are also some shoe shiners who work in some stable places which allocated only to them by the local municipalities.

Due to the unfortunate, bad scam incidents occured and keep occuring, shoe polishers has a very bad reputation in Turkey. Therefore many Turkish people reject to have their services and avoid to get their shoes cleaned on the streets. But, both local and foreigner tourists without any knowledge are always potential preys for the malicious mannered shoe polishers.

How a Shoe shine/ polish scam works in Turkey ? 

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