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Ortakoy is the blue colour of Istanbul with its wonderous atmosphere by the sea. If you want to sip a tea in the city, towards to  the sea while  watching the  complete view of Istanbul Asian side together with majestic stance of Bosphorus bridge, Ortakoy will be the address for you.

 Ortakoy was also a very popular and famous place,during the Ottoman empire that even attracted many Sultans and Statesmen. The mosque, which currently situated just at the sea cost and in the middle of Ortakoy square, was built by the Sultan Abdulmecit in 1853, has now become the symbol of District.

Ortakoy is a part of  Besiktas district. When you walk from  Besiktas through Ortakoy, you will also see the gorgeous Ciragan palace and a 100 years old Kabatas high school. Ortakoy is visited by thousands of tourists  because of its unique venues and unique view of Istanbul.

What to do in Ortakoy ?

* Sit in one of the cafe by the sea for a drink and enjoy the splendid view of sea

* Spend a memorable dinner with your friends in a fish restaurant by the sea

* Go for shopping to the Entel Bazaar and buy some souvenirs and gifts

* Join a bosphorus tour from the Karakoy pier and get excited with the view of  historical old Mansions just by the sea coast.

* Try, the famous Baked potato of Ortakoy

* Go for partying to a colourfull, joyfull night clubs of Ortakoy


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