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Adalar, which means islands in Turkish, is consist of a group of islands situated in the south side of Istanbul. The islands arec alled Buyukada, Heybeliada, Tavsan adasi, Kinali ada, Sedef adasi, Sivriada,Yassi ada, Kasik adasi, Burgaz ada.

Adalar also known as Princes’ islands while the islands were exile places for the members and governors of Byzantine empire in time.

What to do in Adalar ?

* An island tour

* Go for swimming to Heybeliada Beach or  Ayanikola Public beaches

* Take a round trip with a horse- drawn carriage ( Fayton )

* Visit the Adalar museum

How to go Adalar ( Princes’ islands )  ?

Regular Ferry services are available to reach island from Kadikoy, Kabatas and Bostanci piers.


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