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Natural Attractions in Kahramanmaras


Guvercinlik a place where you can see and swim in the cold natural water springs in a forest located 15 km far from the City center.


Firniz Valley having steep and harsh rocks located 54 away from Kahramanmaras near  the Kumarlı village has oak , pine and beech trees  . You can have a rest and go fishing in the spring waters .


Ali rock situated on  the 32nd km of KahramanmarasKayseri road  has a height of 148 mt. The surroundings in the area is covered with oak and pine trees together with many small cascades is a worth place to see and visit.


“Tekir” district located 63 km away from Kahramanmaras is a very rich area in view of Water springs , thermals and dense forests. Many pensions and forest houses are available in the region to spend a night.


If you are interested in fishing in lakes; Lake kumasir only 9 km from Maras city  is recommended to go.  There are picnic areas available to cook the fresh fishes you caught.


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