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Diving Spots in Antalya

There are 11 major dive spots around the province of Antalya. Among these diving spots; divers are excited with the sunken shipwrecks which have witnessed the Second world war.

The French ship, which was submerged  just by the Antalya harbour and caused to damage in the city center,   takes an important part in the Memory of Antalya’s people. The ship called as French high society shipwreck by the locals.  The intense effort of survived Ship crew to save their belongings from the sinking ship made the fishermen in time to call it as Highsociety ship of French people.

A large part of the wreck was removed in time therefore there is nothing much left to be seen by divers. The close location of the diving spot to the yacht marina and boat traffic are the another negative factors affecting the diving in the area.

The another diving spots in the Antalya center are; Falezler and Sican adasi ( rat island ).

A cave on the east side of Sican island is also another spot for the drivers.

Gelidonya Antique Wreck, Tekirova uc Adalar, Oksuz Ada, Finike Gok cave, kas plane wreck, Kas uluburun antique wreck, Suluin cave are the another important dive spots around Antalya city.

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