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Paragliding in Antalya

Tunektepe is the most popular address in Antalya for the ones who are looking for extreme excitement. Tunektepe has a paragliding track over an altitude of 670 m.

Everyday, both local and foreign tourists come to Tunektepe with daily organised paragliding tours and experience to fly over and watch Antalya with an expert paraglider.

Tunektepe which is 15 km far away from Antalya has become the focus of interest for tourists who want to make Tandem paragliding.

Minibuses of the tour agencies drive 670 m. up to the Tunektepe paragliding track for almost 30 minutes. All paragliding flights and required equipments for safety strictly controlled by professional experts. Flights almost take 10 minutes and paragliders land on the Beach. During the flight you can take tens of unique pictures of your life and watch the wonderfull bird view of Antalya city.

One flight, including transportation from your hotel is around 60 to 100 €.

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25 Aralık Salı, 2012
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Morteza Ebrahimi
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Antalya paragliding
unquestionably oludeniz is the best spot for paragliding yet Tunektepe in Antalya seems like going to be the best alternative for sky enthusiasts.