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Antalya Museum

The museum was founded in 1922 in Alaaddin Mosque then it was moved to Yivli mosque in 1937 and since 1982 museum exhibits its rich historical collection in the today’s modern and contemporary building.

Museum consists of 13 exhibition halls, open galleries and children sections. All the artifacts chronologically displayed in these halls.

Natural History and Prehistory Hall; Antiques such as chippy gravels, hand axes, scrapers, bone tools found in Karain cave are displayed in this hall.

Hall of Small artifacts 1 ; Especially ceramic works found between 12 B.C and 3rd B.C and some make up tools and jewelleries are exhibited here

The Hall of Gods ; statues which found in the excavations in Perge ancient site and  belong to Aphrodite, Tykhe, Athena, Artemis,Nemesis, Hygieia, Hermes are displayed.

Hall of Small artifacts 2 ; small statues of Apollo,Hercules, Priapos , silver plates, vases from the 4th century B.C and 6th century A.D are displayed in this hall.

Hall of Emperors ; Statues and portraits found from Perge excavations belonging to Roman period in 2-3 century A.D , emperors such as Traianus, Hadrianus, Septimius Severus, Sabina, Faustina, Iulia Domna, Iulia Soemias, Plankia Magna are exhibited here.

Hall of Burials and Graves ; sarcophagus type of tombs belong to Domitias Filiskas and their family are found in here.

Mosaics and Icons Room ; The most important mosaic of the museum is the one found in excavation of Seleukia which describes the famous  philosophers Thukydides,Lykurgos, Herodotos, Demosthenes, Hesiodos.

Hall of Coins ; Coins belonging the Pysidia, Pamphlyia, Lykia civilizations and local coins from the Hellenistic, Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman empires are exhibited in this hall.

Etnography Halls ; Consists of 2 big halls and a passage which integrates these halls. Ottoman ceramics, religious works,porcelain plates, Ottoman seals, clothes, guns, Daily life artifacts displayed in these halls.

Children’s Section ; A hall at the entrance of the museum is organised and seperated for the children and set a unique precedent in Turkey. In this hall antique toys, tools played by children in ancient times are exhibited in this section.

Opening and Closing times of Antalya Archaeological Museum ;

Everyday is opened only excepts on Mondays ; from 08:30-12:30 / 13:30 – 17:30

The opening times are longer in summer times; 09:00-19:00 1st may -30th September.

Address : Konyaalti/ Turkey

Phone: 00 90 242 238 56 88

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