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 Places to visit in Igdir

Genocide memorial

Located in the crossroads of Baharli street and opened for visitors between 07:30 - 14:15.

Mount Ararat:

Mt. Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey, constitutes the border between Iran and Igdir.  It is and old Volcanic mountain with a height of 5165 meters.

Harmandoven Caravanserai:

It was built By Serafettin Ejder in the 12th century during Seljuk period and located in the old silk road  in the direction of Batum to Tebriz.

Ram graves

 Almost all the cemeteries and graves located in Igdir Plain have ram style graves. These graves left from Karakoyunlular ( Black sheeps ) principality period.

Aras River:

It is a 1072 km long river  with 102 thousand km ²  ​​ river basin area and it  is one of the largest rivers in the Caucasus. 548 km of the river is within the borders of Turkey. The river along th igdir city has a wonderfull natural  land where people can go for camping and fishing.


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