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 Titus Rock Tunnel

An Ancient city founded on the  slopes overlooking  to the sea of mt. Samandag in B.C 300 .  The founder of the city is Nicator Seleucous  and city was known with his name . 

There was an inland harbour at the end of the Mountain where creek and river beds are located.  When there is a blocking   danger occured from the floods,  Vespasianus deciced to built a tunnel by piercing the mountain.

Tunnel was completed in the period of Titus . The front of the river was closed with a huge wall and floods  were transmitted to far and not dangerous points via this tunnel which is 7 mt height and 6 mt width. Titus tunnel had succed not to be filled and stuffed of the harbor of city.  The total length of tunnel is 1380 mt and closed part of the tunnel is almost 130mt.

There are also rock tombs to seen which located Just 100 Mt.  at the right side of entrance of tunnel .

There are numerous  rock tombs carved into the rocks in the caves and  the most interesting one among these tombs is the one found in large cave in the base of the pit. Unlike the others in this cave a  very big and flashy tomb amazes the people with its monumental look.

How to go ;

To visit the Titus Tunnel and Rock tombs  you must get to Samandag district of Hatay city . There are regular minibuses availble from Hatay city center and bus station .

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