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Harbiye (Daphne)


A lovely picnic area which is surrounded with green nature and situated 7 km far from Antakya ( Hatay ) city center .



Harbiye is the famous Daphne city of Ancient Era . According to Legend ; Apollo who is the god of lights and son of Zeus falls in love with Daphne who is a young and beautiful girl. But there is an important and crucial  point ; Daphne unlike Apollo does not fall in love with Apollo.  Apollo chases the Daphne and she always runs away escapes from him. But as Apollo being a god it is impossible to escape from him  therefore Daphne begs to goddes of soils to cover and hide her. She immediately turns into a tree upon her beggin. Apollo shocked though he can not do anything .  It is believed the tears of Daphne formed the waterfalls in Harbiye district.


Olympics which were held in the Stadiums of Harbiye was legendary and told in all around the ancient world but very powerfull earthquakes had destroyed these stadiums and today there is no structure left from that period.

Harbiye is a very famous summer holiday place with it’s waterfalls, mansions , antique temples , restaurants and entertainment venues.


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