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Pasabag will encounter you with all its beauty and fascinating view on the way to Avanos just 1 km before Zelve valley.

Pasabag is like a small museum where you can easily observe the formation of the Fairy Chimneys. Some of the fairy chimneys in Pasabag, are still in formation, some are finished their formations and some even started to be spoiled.

Unlike the other valleys  there are nice hiking trails made among the fairy chimneys will make you twice enjoy your walk in Pasabag.  Due to the sheltered, protected and natural location of the area, it was   mostly preferred by Christian monks who wanted live in seclusion. You will be able to see the small places carved into the high points of Fairy chimneys which used to be living rooms of monks.

St. Simeon  who used to live in Aleppo city had to run away from the city to Pasabag, Cappadocia, due to the  increasing rumours created about  the miracles he made.

Today the fairy chimney with three heads which can be seen in the middle of the Pasabag valley used to be his living cell.


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