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 A district located 6 km on the south of Urgup. Mustafapasa, which also known as Sinasos used to be a village with dominating Greek population however the destiny of the village changed after the population exchange made between Greek and Turks in 1923-1924. Like many other villages and settlements Greeks living in Turkey had to move to Greece and Turks living in Greece had to come Turkey and leave their homes. Neither Turks nor The Greeks who had to change their homes were not happy and able to live in their new homes therefore many villages never became as rich as the previous times.

Sinasos was a very rich and developed settlement due to its residents who mostly work as merchants and engaged with trade and business. The richness of the village were reflected to architecture of wonderfull large houses with courtyards and buildings made of rock-cut blocks.

Mustafapasa district has wonderfull hotels, which mostly converted to a hotel after the restoration of Original Greek houses.

Recommended hotels to stay in Mustafapasa, Cappadocia are ;

Pacha Hotel                     Akyol Hotel            Cavit Hotel    

Old Greek House              Gomeda Hotel         Rose Mansions

Bezirhane Hotel                Monastery Hotel      Villa Columba


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