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Ortahisar, situated 5 km from Urgup just by the Nevsehir road,  is an attractive place with its both natural and historical beauties.

The most prominent structure of district is Ortahisar castle, that carved out by Hittites, has  a 86 m height. The castle was used for both strategic aims and for living in the carved cells . The characteristic civil architecture examples of  Cappadocia can be seen on the foot hills of the castle. Houses in Ortahisar rises step by step towards to the castle. Climbing to the castle is a bit tiring however the stunning view from the top is worth for anything.

The other important things to see in Ortahisar are natural cool air storages, that are carved into the hillsides to naturally protect the vegetables and fruits grown in the area.  Potatoes, onions, apples, lemons and oranges are the main vegetables stored in this natural storages.

Sarica church, Cambazli church, Tavsanli church, Balcan creek churches and Hallac dere Monastery are the other structures to be visited in the area.

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