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Ihlara Valley

Ihlara is about 10 km away from Aksaray city and can be reached either from Nevsehir-Aksaray road or the road of Derinkuyu underground city.

The length of the Valley is almost 15 km and depth changes  between 70-100 m. Standart route for the Ihlara trip is around 6 km and starts from Ihlara village and fiinishes in Belisirma Village. Before walking down and starting your walk in the valley it is recommended to enjoy the wonderfull view of The valley from top and eat some homemade Turkish pancakes in the restaurant located just by the entrance ticket office.

There are almost 400 steps you need to go down to reach the valley. Walking down is not that difficult however you also keep thinking the way back from same stairs. When you first reached the valley you will be captivated by the wonderfull nature that nourished with slowly flowing Melendiz creek. Your joy will be doubled when you keep walking into far points of valley and discover the churches that decorated with unique frescoes and paintings. There are almost hundred big and small cave churches carved into the rocks and slopes of Canyon.  The most important churches to visit in Ihlara Valley are; Kokar (smelly) church, Purenli Seki church ( Church with terrace ), Agacalti church ( church under the tree), Egritas church ( Crooked stone church), Sumbullu church ( church with hyacinths ), Yilanli church ( church with snake), Karagedik ( black hole) church, church of st. George, Church with columns and Ala church.

The entrance fee for Ihlara valley per person is 8 TL.

Ihlara valley is opened for visitors everyday from 08:00 a.m untill 18:30 in summers and 17:30 in winters


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17 Ocak Perşembe, 2013
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Elizabeth Glaria
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Every corner of Cappadocia is enough to make you surprised, Ihlara valley is just one of them. Trekking in the ihlara canyon is recommended.