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About Tours in Turkey

Tours are the most important activities and organizations in order to discover the major significant tourist attractions of a city,region or Country in a short particular time.

There are many different tours, organised according to demand and request of the visitors. Daily Tours, half day tours,private tours, group tours, special interest tours, alternative tours, religious tours are only a few examples among many more others..

Turkey has thousands of historic sights, natural beauties, religious places and many more attractions that interested in by visitors therefore hundreds of different tours with different itineraries and different budgets are organised by Official Travel agencies.

Prices and qualities of the tours vary according to packages offered. Packages generaly and basicaly consist of a Professional Tour guide, Hotel, Meal, Transport  and Entrance fees of the visited places. As the quality of these values increase, naturally the price of the tours rises.

Tours in Turkey generally made in 3 ways; Daily Tours, overnight tours, multi-day Tours.

Daily Tours, mostly organised in touristic places (Marmaris, Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye) where the visitors usually spend their 1 or 2 weeks holiday in a Hotel nearby seaside. Daily tours are a good way to have an opinion about  the place you are going to stay and discover the attractions around. Funny Daily tours and excursions, such as Boat tour, horse riding, jeep safari, diving  are also nice options when you get bored from the hotels you stayed. In addition, daily tours are also very popular in big cities Especially in Istanbul. Discovering such a big city like Istanbul in 1 day is impossible but at least a day trip will help you to learn about the major spots of the city.

Overnight Tours generally made to an attraction that can not be visited in one day from the place you stay in. Pamukkale Tours and Cappadocia tours from mainly Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye are the most popular ones.

Multi-Day Tours 6 days to 14 days tours are the most popular ones. These kind of tours also called round trips and usually finishes where they start. Istanbul is the city where the visitors meet and tour starts in the 98 percent of the multi-day tours. These kind of tours can be extended over 30 days according to special requests and number of the participants and in some cases tours can start in one country and finishes in another. 

A checklist for the tours in Turkey 
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