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Princes Islands Tour

This is such a relaxing tour that will allow you to see a different face of Istanbul far from the rush of the city. You will also experience to travel on a horse-drawn carriage in the Big island ( Buyuk Ada) and you will have a wonderfull lunch in a fish restaurant by the sea with an amazing view.

Starts: 08:00 - 09:00

Ends : 17:00 –18:00

Duration : 8 Hours

Places To Visit and See: Cruise on Boat on Marmara Sea, Buyuk Ada ( Big island), tens of historic and natural sights from the sea

What is included ? = Hotel Transport ( Pick-up and Drop-off), Guiding Service, Entrance Fees, Lunch and carriage tour

What is not included ? = Tips for the driver and guide are not included.

Price Range : 50  - 70 €


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18 Ocak Cuma, 2013
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Enzo Maissano
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carriage tour
the best part of princes islands tour is travelling on a carriage pulled by horses. to make it more fun ; tip the driver and convince him to let you hold the bridle and direct the carriage for a while..