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Complex of Sultan Bayezid II. and Health Museum

Located  3 km from city center and only 1 km away from  Sarayici (Kirkpinar oil wrestlig area )  and ruins of the Ottoman palace.


It was built by the Sultan Bayezid the second  ( son of  Sultan mehmet the Conquerer ) in order to make a health complex and hospital to Edirne city.  The construction started in 1484 and finished only in 4 years in 1488.

The other sections available in the complex   are directly or indirectly complementing each other socially , culturally and religiously . The important thing all the structures with different features and tasks are in cooperation only for one aim ; to help and heal the people.

It is believed that the architecture of the structure is Hayrettin however it is not proofed by written documents.

The most interesting section of the Complex is the part where people were tried to healed with music and natural sounds of life. The relaxing Turkish music made by instruments and sounds of flowing water, birds, air were listened to the patients. Acoustic of this part in the building even that hard to reach in today’s conditions.


Bayezid complex were converted and restored to a health Museum  with contributions of Thrace university and awarded in 2004 as “ Europe’s best Health museum.

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