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Establishment and history of Uzunkopru goes back to  Ottoman period.  The name of the districts is derived from the unique , monumental  masterpiece ; uzunkopru bridge which means long bridge in Turkish. District was established by Sultan Murat the second and it is the fisrt Turkish city founded in Thrace side.


When Sultan Murat II. Returning back from Varna expedition he failed to pass the Ergene river due to the strong floods therefore he immediately ordered a strong bridge to be built in order to pass the Ergene river.


Construction of the bridge started in 1425 and finished in 1444 .  IT was completed in 18 years  and it is 1392 mt long , 5.5 meters wide and made of 174 arches.


The bridge completely made by blocks of cut stones  so the completion of  the structure last 18 years. It is said that the bridge is still the second longest stone bridge in the world  and uzunkopru is continously serving the people since 500 years .


The decorational motifs over the stones of bridge ar alsow worth to see.

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