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Duzce Guzeldere Waterfall


Guzeldere Falls with 630 meters altitude  situated    28 km far from the Duzce city center and  16 km away from Golyaka district.   Guzeldere water fall is one of the biggest and  most attractive one in Turkey with a stunning   fall over 130 mt height  to Bicki creek.   The view of  the fall  with  colours forming a small rainbow  is really worth to see.  The area also has a wonderfull lake  with natural trout fishes , recreation and picnic places , hiking trails and  camping facilities.


Guzeldere area is a wonderfull place for resting, camping  and run away from the chaotic city lifes.  The fall of the water is more stronger in spring with the melting snow piles. If you are going there with a group of people , tell everybody to bring their own foods and when the time is for eating share all the foods brought from each person. You will enjoy the nice conversations and good feeling of sharing the life sources.


How to go Guzeldere Waterfall ?


If you are driving  from Istanbul, leave the TEM highway from Hendek and if you come from Ankara direction leave the TEM highway from Duzce way and follow the signs to Golyaka district after getting golyaka the people will show you where the Guzeldere waterfall is.

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