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Suleymaniye Mosque

Mosque Having  a prime location within the  complex holds a very important place in  Istanbul’s Skyline. Suleyman the  Magnificent, who the longest ruled the Ottoman Empire, ordered this magnificent structture to be built and fit in a section of the Old Palace garden.

Mosque seperated from the complex via a wall with iron windows. The structure that situated in the middle of large garden is entered from courtyard or sides. The courtyard furnished by Marmara marbles and some magenta coloured blocks and columns belonging  the Byzantine period are embedded in the structure.  Four minarets of the mosque unlike the other similar mosques are placed four courners of courtyard. 

The 4 minarets and 10 balconies of the mosque  symbolize Suleyman the magnificent’s place in the  Ottoman Dynasty as a Sultan. ( 4th sultan after the conquerence of Istanbul and 10th Sultan of the Ottoman dynasty since the foundation) 

Two half-dome of the Suleymaniye Mosque that supporting the large dome resembles the design of  Hagia Sophia yet  interior quite different in terms of fiction. Developed architecture and engineering systems in 900 years  time between The Hagia Sophia and Suleymaniye mosque’s were applied to the walls and supporting systems of Suleymaniye create an elegant look. 

 Suleymaniye is designed to be conceived in two ways when looked from outside. When looked from a distance grandeur of structure dominates the hill though when getting closer, sizes of the mosque does not create the same effect.

Interior desing of Suleymaniye is impressive with simple design far from glossiness. Limited decoration in the mosque provides a peacefull atmosphere inside. Candles hanging down from domes and tens of Windows surrounding structure create an indescribable feeling in visitors hearts. 

The Suleymaniye mosque is opened everyday and can be visited free yet you must avoid to visit mosque during the call to prayers.

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