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Rustem Pasha Mosque

Rustem Pasha Mosque, located in the Hasircilar Bazaar of Tahtakale district of Istanbul. It was built by Sinan the architect in 1561 to the name of  “Rustem Pasha” who is one of the grand viziers of Sultan Suleyman the magnicifent. 

Rustem Pasha Mosque is covered and decorated on all sides  with splendid  tiles from its dome to  the foothills. The tulip motif tiles are considered the most successful examples of Ottoman tile art.

Rustem Pasha mosque compared to Blue mosque and Suleymaniye is quiet smaller and less visited by tourists though the decorations and wonderfull tiles make it more impressive. 

To get Rustem Pasha mosque follow the minaret seen from Spice Bazaar.


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