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Eyup Sultan Mosque

Eyup Sultan Mosque located at the northern end of Golden Horn in the Eyup district of Istanbul. Eyyubu El-Ensair, who is one of the prophets  first to accept Islam and who were killed during the siege of Constantinople by Arabs, was buried here.

A monumental tomb and a mosque next to it was built to the name of Eyup Sultan by the order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.  The first mosque was demolished in 1458. The first example of the present mosque was built by Huseyin Efendi in 1798-1800 during the period of  Sultan Selim III.

Mosque lastly was repaired during the Sultan Mahmud period. In terms of its plan mosque accepted in the 8 pillared mosques category.

The tomb of Eyyubu El- Ensari situated in the surrounding walls of  Eyup Sultan Mosque was built in 1458 and it was decorated and embellished with special tiles. The tomb Of Eyup Sultan has been an important place for muslims for centuries and visited by millions of muslims.

Eyyup Sultan is not a popular tourist attraction and it is quiet busy by local muslims during call to prayer. It is a great spot for the ones who want to be in and see the pure culture of Istanbul

To get Eyup Sultan Mosque catch a ferry near Galata bridge going to Eyup District.

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