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Golden Horn

Golden Horn is the name given to a natural inner harbour located between Beyoglu settlement and Sarayburnu peninsula. It seperates the North ( old) and South ( new) parts of Istanbul. The area was called as Chrysokeros by Romans, Gorne’ Dor by Frenchs and Halic-i Konstantiniye by Ottomans. Today it is called as Halic by Turks that literally means protected bay.

From a bird’s eye view the bay resembles a horn of a deer and Water of the bay takes a gold colour when the evening sun hits on it therefore this bay used to be called as Golden horn.

The best way to explore golden horn is embarking a ferry or joining a boat tour. When walked up to Camlica hill visitors will also a chance to see horn shape of the bay and watch the breathtaking view of golden horn.


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