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Pamukkale is a unique place where you can not   even see any similar ones all around the world. It will give you  a chance to see, touch , feel and live.  Pamukkale grips the people attention  at first glance with it’s stunning and extraordinary view .  Pamukkale means Cotton castle in Turkish and the name derived from the white - cottonlike look of the hill .Travertines formed by  calcium oxide give the white look to the hill. As well as the travertines ; hot springs and a very well preserved historical site Hierapolis make  the region  unsurpassed.


When you get to Pamukkale  you will be welcomed with the ruins of Hierapolis antique city; after a joyfull  walk in the living history you will get the place where a miracle of nature stands.  Touching your feet to the white travertine ponds will take away all of your stress. After walking in the white travertines you can take a rest in the Cleopatra’s hot spring pool. If you are more interested in discovering the history,  a museum with hundreds of antiques and artifacts is ready to exhibit  all it’s values.


How to go Pamukkale ?


Pamukkale located 18 km far from Denizli city center. There are regular minibuses from  Denizli to Pamukkale and Karahayit. Minibus costs ( 3 TL , 1.5 Euro ).  You can either join a daily trip from Kusadasi, Bodrum, Fethiye, Antalya or Alanya however it will take almost 4 hours to go and 4 hours to get back . It is definetely worth however it is recommended to go or joind 2 days Pamukkale tours.


How much is the entrance fee for Pamukkale ?


Entrance Fee to Pamukkale is 20 Tl ( 8 Euro ) , Pamukkale museum and Cleopatra’s pool are not included in this price.


Where to Stay im Pamukkale ?


Many high quality Spa resorts with good facilities which is located in Karahayit ( only 10 minutes far from the Pamukkale district ) are the best places to stay in Pamukkale.



Karahayit , Laodicea , Labraunda , Karine, Collosae  ancient sites and waterfalls are also other attractions to see in the area.

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Pamukkale Turkey
Leaving some time to visit to museum mostly not taken in consideration while people taking pictures of travertines but they do not know how great precious things they miss.