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Old Cankiri Houses


Old houses located on the  foothills of  Cankiri castle . The area of old houses are  protected  by government due to the historical values of the area . Cankiri  Houses  which are arranged in a line are two-storey houses built  of wood, brick, lath and plaster techniques . Houses in old streets are visited with a big curiosity and interest by many people .


General Features of old Cankiri houses;


Old Cankiri houses are having almost  all characteristics of a Turkish house except  a few small differences. Because of the geological structure and economical situation of the region houses are  not as luxurious as the similar samples in different regions.


Cankiri houses are usually two storeys. The first floor is the  intermediate and used mostly in winter times. The daily life mostly goes on this floor. It is designed simple and very usefull. It is planned for cooking, sitting and eating. The second floor is mostly used in summers and seperated for the guests.  Second floors usually have a  sleeky atmosphere  and a specatular view.



The cobblestoned narrow streets surrounded with old Cankiri houses  will make you feel walking in a street from Ottoman period.


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18 Ekim Perşembe, 2012
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Renny Kapper
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Great Ottoman Architecture
Ottoman houses are very well designed and ver much comfortable with facilities provided. I believe Turkish entrepreneurs must create a new resort with only original samples of Ottoman houses since centuries and open it to visitors from all around world.