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Salt Cave and Museum


Located 20 km to the  east  part of the Cankiri city center . It is a salt cave which operated  since the Hittites period , for almost 5000 years . The cave has the largest rock salt reserves  with 1.6 million tons  capacity.


 As a result of  production for centuries ; many galleries naturally formed in the cave . salt stalactites and stalagmites can also be seen in some parts of the cave.


After a narrow entrance where a truck can only pass you will encounter with wide tunnels  resemble a road tunnel . Visitors vill be excited from the great atmospher of the cave while they walk 8 km long  and 800 acre land.  Cave is also can be used in case of any emergency as a natural , solid shelter.



One of the other interesting images of the cave is the intact body of a dead donkey which was not deteriorated for 200 hundred years.  Due to the dry air available inside of the cave , the corpse of the donkey was stood intact like a mummified body.


Recent years , one part of the salt cave was converted to an art gallery , and many statues and artworks made from the rock salts are exhibited in the cave and opened for visitors.


It is started to be produced and sold salt lambs to the visitors due to the Ionizing features of the rock salts .  It is said that these salt lambs are very good for the fatigueness, shortness of breath, asthma, allergies, skin diseases .



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