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Continental  Climate : Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia and West part of Central Anatolia are under the influence of continental climate and General Features of Continental climate are;.

* Summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and snowy

* Maximum rainfalls in springs and minimum rainfalls in summers

* Avereage rainfall in Central Anatolia is 300-400 mm

* Annual precipitation, 600-1000 mm.

* Annual Average Temperatures in winters are 1-2 °C

* Average temperatures in summers are 20-22 °C

* Annual average temperatures are 10-12°C

* The average annual temperature in the northeastern part of Eastern Anatolia Region, 4-6 ° C. The average winter temperature in northeastern Anatolia, -7, -10 ° C, average summer temperature 17-19 ° C.. Annual precipitation is 500-600 mm.

*The average rainfall in Southeast Anatolia, 400-700 mm. The summers of southeastern Anatolia is very dry and hot. the average annual temperature of Southeastern Anatolia is 15-16 ° C,  winter temperatures  3-4 ° C and  summer temperature, 30-35 ° C.

***  No:1 in the map shows the area dominated by the Continental climate in Turkey

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