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Official Holidays in Turkey

Turkey has several national holidays in a calendar year when all the  Banks, government offices, schools, universites, businesses etc. are closed. Dates of Islamic Holidays (Ramazan and Kurban Bayrami) are changeable and  quiet longer than other national holidays and in some cases these holidays can be extended to 7-10 days if their last days come up to official weekend holidays. During the national holidays in Turkey; traffic densifies, holiday destinations are more populated and crowds increase in museums,mosques and historical places so if you don’t like to be in crowd and have more peacefull holiday be aware of the holidays in Turkey and plan your trip according to holidays.

Here is the list of Official Holidays in Turkey in 2013 ;

Name of The Holiday                             Duration                   Month                        Day

New Year                                          1 day                     February 1           Tuesday

National Sovereignity and Children’s Day      1 day                    April 23               Tuesday

Labor and Solidarity Day                         1 day                    May 1               Wednesday


Commemoration of Ataturk Youth and Sports Day 1 day                   May 19               Sunday


Ramazan/ Seker Bayrami                       3,5 day                August                  Wednesday -                                                                                                                                                                            -                                                                                        (7-10)                   Saturday


Victory Day                                         1 day                 August 30              Friday


Feast of Sacrifice                                 4,5 day                October               Monday-Friday



Republic Day                                     1,5 day                  October                Monday-

                                                                                  (28-29)                 Tuesday


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holidays in Turkey
holidays mainly the religious ones are so much interesting and touchy that makes you understand how the real serious and warm relations should be in families.