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Aksazlar bay is off the beaten path for foreigners though it is a well known bay by locals. Aksazlar is very close to the dockyard of Fethiye therefore the cleanliness of water is questionized and not commonly visited by swim fans. Aksazlar bay is more for resting, drinking, eating under the shades of pine trees just by the sea. Comfortable sunlounges, soft big cushions, hammocks, cold drinks and cocktails are provided by a Restaurant in the bay for fair prices.
How to get Aksazlar Bay?

If you have your own car, drive from Fethiye city center to the dockyard direction, after passing the dockyard you will see a junction which one turning left and other right, follow the way of the right just after a very short drive like 1 km you will see the Aksazlar bay.  Dolmuses from Fethiye can be caught to get Aksazlar as well.

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