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Fethiye Asiklar Tepesi

Asiklar Tepesi which mean “Hill of the Lovers” in English is generally a name in Turkey given to high slopes and hills with a panoramic view of the city. The Fethiye Asiklar Tepesi really deserves its name with the fabulous view of the Fethiye bay and town. Asiklar Tepesi flooded especially before the sunset and in the nights with visitors who want to have a cold beer while watching a unique view.  There is only one small cafe where you can have soft drinks in Asiklar Tepesi so people buy their drinks before getting to Asiklar Tepesi.

Where is Asiklar Tepesi ?

Asiklar Tepesi is the slope situated just behind the Fethiye Paspa tur and city center.

 How to get Asiklar Tepesi ?

While driving from Fethiye city center to Kayakoy direction after several hundred meters you will see a road turning to the right-side when you follow this road you will get the asiklar tepesi. The second way to get there driving up to the hill from 1. Karagozler district.  

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