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Bolu Abant

Abant is  a freshwater lake formed by landslides and  located ,1328 meters above sea level,. Lake  occupies an area of ​​1.28 square kilometers. The best and enjoyable way of spending your day around 6.5 km lake is hiking in the plateau , take a tour with a horse cab .

You can hire and ride a horse all day long to discover every corner of the lake. It is also recommended to go up to hill ( where mudurnu road starts ) to watch the lake from a different point of view.

Region is very reach,  especially in terms of the forest and tree species.  Due to the nature and trees the air in the region  is so clean . Abant is an ideal place for the ones who want to spend a quiet weekend and get away from city lifes.

Walking trail around the lake is extremely easy in a precise nature. Abant Lake and its environs where many delicious trout fishes  live is also very  rich in plant and animal species. Birds, squirrels, otters are mostly seen animals in the region. There is also a  deer breeding farm in the region.  To walk around and make a family self-catering, to  soak up mountain air and to escape from cities Abant is  the best option in the Marmara region.

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