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Aquarium Bay

A peninsula  between Gumbet and Bitez lies from 2 miles to the South has an island in front that called Gorecik  (Inner Island). A glittery bay formed between the peninsula  and the island which called as an Aquarium by locals  captivates daily trips and blue cruise gulets throughout the day though only the blue cruisers and yacht owners enjoy the unique night atmposhere of this bay as they are only the ones moore in nights.

The depth of water reaches to 50 mt in some parts and incredibly due to the cleanliness of water the bottom can be easily seen even from 50 mt. The only way to get this natural wonder is joining a boat tour or gulet cruise.


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7 Temmuz Pazartesi, 2014
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ory telo
Message :
bodrum beach
i am one of the luckiest person to be there and swim in this gorgeous bay. down 200ft of the sea was spotless and clearly seen the ground from top.

26 Temmuz Cuma, 2013
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phill callaway
Message :
bodrum Which beach to go ?
hire a small boat to drop you to this heavenly bay and get rid off from all your troubles..